1983 Hurst Olds - 15th Anniversary Edition


#1454 of 3001 made!

Sold new in Greenboro NC

Build date January 28, 1983

Actual mileage 74,580

Take a look through these pictures and then you will find additional information at the bottom of this page.









I hope those were enough pictures to satisfy you. I know it was a lot to load but I wanted to show the car as best I could. The car is in very good condition but I simply have to many cars! The '07 Monte Carlo (last year for that car) that you see in the background in a couple of the pictures, a 1994 customized C1500 extended cab Chevy pickup, a Buick Le Saber, and a 1974 VW Super Beetle (with factory air and 74k miles on it). I simply don't have the room for storing all of them and the insurance is killing me although the insurance through American Collector Car Ins. for this car is only $134 a year with zero deductable for full coverage.

The Hurst Olds runs like a top, the interior is excellent and everything works with the exception of both power windows are slow to rise and go down. I have not been into the door panels to see if lubrication is the only thing that is needed (as two GM mechanics have suggested) so there are two brand new window motors (cost $74.00 + shipping) in the trunk to fix that problem if lubing doesn't do it. Anyway they go with the car.

The A/C is cold but blows out the defroster vent. The same two GM mechanics says it is probably a vacuum hose problem BUT just in case I have a NOS heater - A/C control panel that also goes with the car. Cost $175 + shipping.

The dash pad has a crack in it about right in the middle so I bought a dash cap for it but it is not installed. Cost $139 + shipping.

It has the original wheels and the tires are excellent.

The only non-stock item on this car is the radio which is a JVC with MP3 CD player and jump drive slot. Works great!

The engine runs smooth and has surprising power for the era of the car. When I bought the car the smog pump was frozen up so I replaced it with a new one as well as a new belt. The transmission shifts fine.

I installed a new turn signal arm (wiper switch, cruise control, etc), and a new signal switch in the steering column.

All the glass is excellent! The car is tagged and insured at this time.

Included with the car is a complete set of factory manuals (4, cost $75.00+ shipping) which you can see in the last photo as well as the original Owners Manual in the glove box. Also the colored flyer you see in the trunk is an 83 Hurst/Olds publication. The trunk floor that you can't see for the boxes (I was in a hurry to get the pictures taken) is in the same excellent shape as the parts that you can see. Original spare and jack as well as jack instructions are in the trunk as from factory.

If you are looking for a nice "driver" it is ready to go. I have taken it on several road trips and shows and never had a problem. If you want a real show car I would suggest a complete paint job and new strips and decals which are all available. Fix the few problems listed above and you will have a show winning car without a doubt. The body is as straight as you can ever hope for! I have had two estimates for a paint job, one was $1300 and the other $1700 but you may find a better price or do it yourself. Why paint a car that looks so good you might ask. When the car was painted who ever did it didn't let the black dry long enough before applying the clear coat and there is some "solvent pop" on the horizontal surfaces. There is a little rust bubbling on the drivers door which will be easy to clean up. The stripe kit with the Hurst/Olds 15th anniversary decals is priced from $269 to $495 on the web, take your choice.

One of these recently sold near-by for $12,995 and the body was not near as straight as this one and the interior couldn't hold a light to this car. On top of that the A/C didn't work.

VIN number has been checked showing that this was #1454 of 3001 made. IT IS NOT A CLONE!

Contact me (Kenny) at shack@ws4v.net if seriously interest only, no dreamers please. The price is firm since I have much more invested in the car than I am asking.

I have been brutally honest in my acessment of the car. I don't like to find surprises when I go to look at a car and will not mislead anyone on this one.



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